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Company Performance

Company Performance

Net profit amount –after the interior tax and without the capitalism profits- during the period of the fiscal year 2002/2003 until the fiscal year 2008/2009 compared with the fiscal year 1991/1992, the following:

Company Performance

  • The corporate management is keen to mobilize all its abilities and power to support the leading management companies contracted with in operating and managing the historic and contemporary hotels to advance and achieving the highest quality excellence in hotel services when taking into account the constant development and updating
  • providing its hotels the latest technology platform to enable them to compete and attract customers where a modern –day business depends on high competitiveness in order to increase and maximize profits.
  • During the fiscal year 2022/2023 the company delivered profitable results and secured net distributable profits 1.811.600.436 billion EGP

Social Responsibility

Through the company strategy framework for achieving its social responsibility in and out the company, we pursue these policies from inside to outside:

  • First: internally

    Providing all the company's capabilities and financial support to operate its hotels, especially by bearing the payroll burdens to keep hotel staff during the period which the tourism activity was affected.

    developing the employees performance by updating the company's performance system

    Restructuring the company sectors by taking into account optimal supervision and logical functional sequences.

    Adopting yearly training plans to ensure the efficiency of employees to follow up the required developments for administrative, accounting and hotel works.

    Provide entertainment opportunities and social activities for employees to maintain family and social ties.

  • Second: externally

    The company is always keen to cooperate with affiliate companies through providing all the training opportunities they need and also to ensure technical support and information technology within the policy of the Holding Company, to support integration between its various companies

Hotels renovation consider one of the company responsibility as this renovation leads to more better services.

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