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Shared Companies

Contributions in Joint ventures:

We've worked with some pretty awesome businesses across Egypt. Many of them are still our clients today; that must say something about our commitment.

El Montazah Company for Tourism & Investment.

Capital: EGP 100 Million
Contribution rate: 50%.

Tourism Urbanization Company.

Capital: EGP 65,013,490.
Contribution rate: 70.61%.

The Arab Co. for Hotels & Tourism Investment (ACHTI).

Capital: EGP140 Million
Contribution rate: 71,302%.

Al Ismailia Company for Tourism.

Capital: EGP 12 Million.
Contribution rate: 25.30%

Taba Tourism Development Company.

Capital: EGP 294 Million.
Contribution rate: 12.5%

Abu Dhabi Tourism Investment Company (ADTIC)

Capital: 248 Million EGP
Contribution rate: 2.369%

Egyptian Co. For Touristic &Leisure Projects

Capital: 150 Million EGP
Contribution rate: 3.43%

Luxor Marina

Capital: 60 Million EGP
Contribution rate: 1%

Upper Egypt For Tourism & Real Estate Development

Capital: 55 Million EGP
Contribution rate: 21.18%

Misr Aswan Tourist Company

Capital: 52.4 Million EGP
Contribution rate: 19.54%

Marassi Co For Hotels & Tourism Services and Supplies

Capital: 4 Million EGP
Contribution rate: 15.413%

HOTAC For Tourism & Real Estate Development

Capital: EGP 100 Million
Contribution rate: 50%.

Megotac Hospitality

Capital: 10 Million EGP
Contribution rate: 45%

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